West Mendip Way from Weston Super Mare

Due to the length of this walk it has been split into two sections which you can choose to do back-to-back if you wish – perhaps on a longer summer’s day – although it makes for a long day’s walking. Alternatively they can be done separately on different days. The walks are designed as bus walks with instructions on getting to the start and also for getting back to Cheddar, if you decide to split the walk at Shute Shelve, which is on the A38 north of Axbridge.

Part 1 of the walk (11.5 miles) takes you from the seaside at Weston and Uphill, through nature reserves and eventually descending to cross the M5 before climbing to the summits of Crook Peak and Wavering Down. Thereafter the walk descends again to Shute Shelve on the A38 where various options for refreshment or for getting directly back to Cheddar are available. You’d want to be leaving Cheddar on a bus for Weston at about 9am to have a comfortable day’s walking for just this part.

Part 2 (8.5 miles) starts from Shute Shelve and climbs through woodland and fields to reach the outskirts of Shipham, then on through Rowberrow Warren and up on to top of the Mendips. There is then a descent through nature reserves to return to Cheddar along the north side of Cheddar Gorge. If you leave Cheddar on a bus by about 11am you should have plenty of time to complete this part of the walk in a day.

Both walks offer great views and a variety of wildlife to be seen throughout.

For bus information, including the m-ticket system which allows you to buy a discounted ticket or day rover on your mobile phone, visit: https://www.firstgroup.com/bristol-bath-and-west

10a. West Mendip Way Weston to Cheddar part 1 (2605 downloads)
10b. West Mendip Way Weston to Cheddar part 2 (2024 downloads)

Whole walk: West Mendip Way Weston to Cheddar - whole walk (1570 downloads)

The Weston-bound bus stop in Tweentown is at ///logged.nylon.spend. For part 2, the Shute Shelve alighting point is at ///everyone.certified.earplugs.